Ekpa Inşaat Our History


Without building experience,
it is not possible to build structures.

Sezgin Köysüren, the founder of Ekpa İnşaat, carried out the first project of EKPA İnşaat in Kırşehir, the city where he was born and grew up in 1995, and completed and delivered the projects in various residences until 2001.

EKPA İnşaat, which has been developing projects in many points of Antalya since 2001; By starting and completing 7 different projects in less than a year, Tuana Buildings, Melisa Apartments, Tayla Houses, Elvan Apartments, Fortuna Residence, Emir Apartments and Paradise Apartments; He did what was difficult to do in those years and delivered the projects in full at the promised time.

Afterwards, it managed to take its place in the first place of Antalya in the construction sector by delivering more than 1000 offices / residences / villas with tens of projects it has done. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Antalya's liberation, it realizes one of the biggest housing projects in Antalya by breaking new ground with the 1207 Antalya project and the delivery of 1207 Residences/Offices/Shops.

2006... ...2018