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Ekpa İnşaat About Us

As Ekpa İnşaat, it has always been our priority to deliver the projects with modern, optimum cost solutions without sacrificing quality since the first day of our establishment, and to deliver the work completely, in the promised time, according to the rules. With the love we have for our work, our biggest goal is to sustain growth and development, to bring a different dimension to the sector, and to be at the forefront of the sector with our young and open-minded structure.

Sezgin Köysüren, the founder of Ekpa İnşaat, laid the foundations of Ekpa İnşaat, which would later become one of the giants of the sector in 1995, and became one of the founders of the largest construction companies in Antalya. With the strong experience and vision of Sezgin Köysüren, the biggest truth we believe with more than a thousand colleagues working in our organization; instead of keeping up with innovations, creating innovations, always researching and catching the best with the right strategies. As long as we have colleagues who believe in us and in themselves, we will always continue to break new ground.

It is in the nature of our business to produce different solutions for different needs. We are aware of the weight of our signature at the end of every work. With the awareness and responsibility of this, we do every job that we handle with specialty and quality, and always catch originality. We know that your request and our experience have a harmonious partnership. We join forces to see we do better things together.


To deliver the projects completely in accordance with the rules, at the promised time, with modern, optimum cost solutions, without sacrificing quality.

Not to keep up with innovations, but to create innovations. Bringing a different dimension to the sector, reflecting changes and innovations in every field of its business with its young and dynamic structure.


To sustain growth and development, to be at the forefront of the sector.