Project: 1207 Antalya Prestige

Prestigious Life is Above Standards!

At 1207 ANTALYA PRESTIGE, we have not only designed a home for you, but also a lifestyle combining comfort and aesthetics with unique social spaces.

Project Detail

1207 Antalya Prestige project consists of a total construction area of 165 000 m2 on a land of 100.000 m2. 1207 Antalya Prestige project, one of the most magnificent projects of Antalya, has been planned as 1600 independent sections. Construction activities will be carried out on only 56.000 m2 area within a 100,000 m2 land, and all remaining areas; Social areas such as outdoor swimming pool, fitness, sauna, steam room, children's playground, park and landscape area have been arranged by the local administration. Together with the urban transformation area made to the local administration related to the project and the investment area, which will consist of 3 stages, it forms a large living complex. The 1st phase of the project will consist of 307 independent sections, and it is planned to be delivered within 18 months from the license date. The 2nd phase will consist of 386 independent sections and it is planned to be delivered in 20 months from the date of license. The 3rd phase will consist of approximately 250 independent sections, and it is planned to be delivered in 18 months from the license date. 1207 Antalya Prestige project, a high-budget investment project, is getting ready to open the doors of a brand new life in Antalya for you.

Floor Plans

The magnificent project 1207 Antalya Prestige, where you will lay the foundation of your happiest stories, has the most suitable living quarters for everyone and for every taste. The furniture for the kitchen and bathroom, made of high-quality materials, is designed taking into account the suitability and ergonomics of use, thereby providing a calm and comfortable living space.

For large families, the 2 + 1 and Loft apartment options are suitable, and the 1 + 1 option is very suitable for those who have chosen minimalism. A variety of apartments with terraces and private courtyards will satisfy any choice and needs.

  • 9 KM Antalya Airport
  • 5 KM Town
  • 8 KM Beach
  • 6 KM Shopping Malls


The 1207 Prestige project is located in the Kepez district of Antalya province. Antalya 1207 Prestige, located in the very center of the city, is only 9 km from Antalya airport, 5 km from the city center and 8 km from the beach, in addition to the magnificent social areas that meet all needs, the project is attractive for easy accessibility from anywhere in Antalya.


In apartments 1207 Antalya Prestige, spacious and bright apartment-rooms are waiting for you, from the very moment you enter, you will feel calm, and thanks to high-quality built-in appliances, you will easily satisfy all your needs.

We know that one of the most important factors determining the quality of a person's life is the house in which he lives, and we help you improve the quality and standard of living by choosing with special care the quality of materials for houses according to the project that we have prepared to meet your needs. We strive to make your life easier by choosing all materials, from countertops to cabinets in your kitchen, from durable and useful materials to relieve the stress accumulated all day. In 1207 Antalya Prestige in our apartments with high ceilings, a spacious life awaits you.

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