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A prestigious approach to retailing with Ekpa perspective...

Ekpa Perakende brings world-famous fashion-sharing premium brands together with fashion lovers in Turkey. Sezgin Köysüren, who has turned to different fields as well as the construction industry, aims to make Ekpa Perakende a fashion pioneer retail company by combining his 26 years of experience and strength with the stylish and colorful world of fashion.

Ekpa Perakende has 10 stores in Turkey of the United States-based Tommy Hilfiger brand, which has been directing clothing trends since 1985, and the premium clothing brand Calvin Klein, founded by American fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein. Becoming the owner of the shopping mall store, in Turkey Hilltown, it achieved a serious success in the luxury ready-to-wear segment.

Ekpa Perakende, has grown rapidly in a short time, aims to bring quality and reliable service understanding to its customers in every part of Turkey by incorporating all premium world brands. Ekpa Perakende plans to bring its brands together in a common platform in the digital world very soon, and aims to be indispensable for fashion lovers.

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